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hatred for "death cab for cutie"


we dislike death cab.
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This is a community for anyone who can't fucking stand Death Cab for Cutie.

I know that anti communities tend to be dumb, but sometimes we all need to let off some excess steam.

1.) Be nice to your fellow members.
1a.) Try to be nice to the Death Cab fans, too, if they come with an open mind and no incessant bitching. (If they do bitch, feel free to show them the same courtesy.)
2.) Talk about anything you want as long as it somehow relates to criticism of Death Cab or the emo genre in general.
3.) Use lj-cut if applicable. Don't know how to use lj-cut? Click here.
4.) Try to spell things correctly and use proper grammar. If English isn't somebody's first language, however, don't mock them. How many of you have perfect Spanish or French?
5.) Don't take this community too seriously. This goes for those who can't stand Death Cab for Cutie, and for those who think the band is fantastic. If you don't know how to make light of a light issue, I suggest you find someplace else to complain.
6.) We're only here to make fun emo and crappy bands of that genre. Making fun of other religions, races, etc. is completely intolerable.
7.) No one gets banned unless they seriously offend a member of the community (which I expect would be pretty difficult) or start harassing members.
7a.) Posts and comments of this nature will be deleted.
7b.) Exchange of ideas is promoted. You can say whatever opinion you have as long as you state it maturely.

Right. Have fun.